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Aviation FAQs

Trial Flight FAQs

-Can anyone learn to fly?
-Where can we go on my trial flight?
-What will I need to wear for my trial flight?
-Can I book a longer trial flight?
-Is there a weight limit?
-Do we fly if the weather is bad?
-Is there an age limit?
-Is flying addictive?


Flying Lessons FAQs

-How fast do microlights fly?
-How high can microlights fly?
-Is it safe?
-How many hours do I need to fly before I can  go solo?
-What sort of licence do I get?
-How many hours do I need before I'm  qualified?

Can anyone learn to fly?

Yes. Microlight pilots are a real mixture of all types and from all walks of life. There is no sex, age or other discrimination, just a passion for flying.

Where can we go on my trial flight?

We can arrange a flight of any length you would like, as long as you can give us sufficient notice. We do a quite popular excursion to another local airfield, making a total trial flight of approximately two hours. Ask us for more details if you are interested.

What will I need to wear for my trial flight?

Bring clothes with you that would be suitable for spending a little time outside, including decent footwear. Don't wear sandals, flip flops or sling-back shoes! We will provide flying suits and gloves if necessary.

Can I book a longer trial flight?

We can tailor flights to suit your requirements to include landing away. For those with vouchers from outside retailersAsk us for more details.

Is there a weight limit?

Unfortunately there is; the maximum pilot weight we can fly with is 100kg, which is just less than 16 stone. There is no lower weight limit, as long as you are big enough to be strapped securely into the aircraft. If you have any doubts, please ask us.

Do we fly if the weather is bad?

Strong wind, rain and bad visibility will keep us on the ground; this is why it's so important that you phone us before you set out to come for your trial flight. The fixed wing aircraft can fly comfortably in slightly stronger winds than the flexwing, so, on a poor weather day, you might still be able to fly if you choose this option.

Is there an age limit?

No - although at the young end of the age range, you must be large enough to be strapped securely into the microlight (approx 10 years old). There is no upper limit. To fly solo in a microlight you must be at least 16, and to get a pilot's licence, you have to be over 17.

How fast do microlights fly?

Both the fixed wing and flexwing microlights fly at approximately the same speed; about 60 miles per hour. This means that even on a half-hour flight, we can cover a 30 mile round trip.

How high can microlights fly?

In the UK, microlights are restricted to flying below 10,000 feet, but we seldom fly above 5,000ft., as any higher is colder with poorer visibility. On your trial flight, we will probably fly between 1,500 and 2,500 feet.

Is it safe?

Microlight flying is one of the safest 'adrenaline' sports, and is, statistically, the safest form of sport aviation there is. All microlight flying is regulated by the CAA and the BMAA. The instructor you will be flying with has many hundreds of hours of flying experience and has been trained to the most demanding Civil Aviation Authority standards.

How many hours do I need to fly before I can go solo?

The very minimum, assuming no previous experience, is about 10 hours, although even experience flying model planes can reduce this number. Most pilots fly between 12 and 25 hours before the instructor is satisfied that you are both ready, and going to enjoy the experience.

What sort of licence do I get?

Microlight pilots have Private Pilot's Licences, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, just like any other light plane or helicopter pilot. The licence is called the NPPL (National Private Pilots Licence), and is restricted to flying microlights only.

How many hours do I need before I'm qualified?

The minimum hours before you can be awarded an NPPL is 15 for a restricted licence (for local flying only) or 25 for the unrestricted licence. Most pilots take longer than this - probably an average of about 40 hours, depending on weather as well as pilot ability.

Is flying addictive?



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Microlight Flight Videos

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