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Why Have A Share When You Can Hire?

  • No outlay for an expensive share
  • From just £40 per hour wet
  • Check availability online
  • Available for solo or dual hire
  • All maintenance taken care of
  • Overnight away trips no problem
  • Located at Blackbushe and Redlands
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    Ikarus C42

    The rules have changed and so have we. Why should you have to own a share in an aircraft in order to fly it? don't have to!

    Who Can Hire Our Aircraft?- We are offering our aircraft for hire to pilots with a minimum of 50hrs P1 experience or pilots who have completed the majority of their training with us. This way we know that our hirers have been trained to a high standard and/or have a good level of experience under their belts. Group A pilots are as welcome as microlight pilots. For further details please see our hirer requirements page.

    Hire our Ikarus C42 or Quantum 912 for dual or solo use.

    The Costs- Below is a breakdown of the basic costs including fuel, landing fees and VAT.
    For full details contact us

    Hire Club Membership £45 per month.

    Ikarus C42:

    Members pay £50 per hour

    Non Members pay £85 per hour

    Quantum 912:

    Members pay £40 per hour

    Non Members pay £75 per hour

    All hirers operating from Redlands have to pay for annual airfield club membership. This is currently charged at £70 per year. There is no club membership fee at Blackbushe.

    You still have all the benefits that a shareholder would have without having to buy a share. This means....

    No Initial Outlay- No expensive outlay for a share which will only depreciate in value. With some schemes your share will hold zero value in just four years!

    No Long Term Commitment- With no share to tie you in you can stop flying with the club at any time with no financial penalty.

    Online Booking- Hire club members can check availability online. Overnight trips are no problem.

    Great Locations- Hirers have access to aircraft at both Blackbushe and Redlands at no extra cost.

    Top Specifications- You get to fly a top spec Ikarus C42 with the 100hp engine plus many extras. Also available is the reliable Quantum 912 flex wing microlight.

    That's it! No worries about expensive insurance, maintenance, hangarage, fuel, permits etc. Just turn up and fly.

    Latest Photographs

    The pictures in our galleries come from our students and club members and offer a small glimpse of the wonders to be seen whilst flying a microlight.

    Microlight Flight Videos

    Microlight Flight Videos

    Click here to get your own video!

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