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'Advanced Navigation'

Aimed at pilots wishing to push the boundaries with the support of an experienced instructor. Perhaps you have never done a zone transit or you wish to make a trip to France. Many pilots feel that they lack confidence or experience in navigation and would benefit from some further support and tuition. With modern microlights being comfortable touring machines it is increasingly likely that you will want to travel further afield with confidence. This course will help you do that as we take a closer look at navigation and the skills required.


Navigation Equipment

What We Offer

We have carefully tailored some set routes aimed at encompassing different areas of skill. If you feel that the proposed routes do not fulfill your needs then please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

The Costs

DescriptionIncluding Aircraft HireOwn Aircraft*
Zones Only£135£80
Zones and Airport£198£125
Multiple Airfields£430£220

Prices include landing fees, safety equipment and thorough briefings given on a one-to-one basis in a classroom environment. *When using pilot's own aircraft prices may vary slightly depending on type of aircraft flown due to timings. For an exact quote please contact the office.

The Routes

Zones Only - This entails 1 hour of flying including a straight line navigation and landing at a local airfield which requires the crossing of Brize Zone.

Zones and Airport - Involving some navigation planning as well as two zone transits and a landing at Gloucester Airport. A great confidence builder requiring radio work for zones and approach/departure into a busy airport. This exercise includes 1 1/2 hours flying.

Multiple Airfields - The 2hrs 45mins flying time will require careful navigation across differing terrain through some tight airspace as well as landing on the Isle of Wight and two other airfields. The navigation on this route can be challenging as it crosses a chunk of featureless landscape. Another great confidence builder as well as being very scenic.

France - A trip to France requires careful planning and some procedures which pilots often need guidance on. With the help of your instructor you will plan and make a trip to Normandy. This trip entails around 4hrs flying time.

The Aircraft

We are happy to train on both fixed wing and flex wing aircraft. We are also happy to train on your own aircraft however you will need to enquire for prices as timings will vary depending on type of aircraft used.

On completion of the course you will have confidence in your navigation skills opening up a whole world of adventure for you.

Latest Photographs

The pictures in our galleries come from our students and club members and offer a small glimpse of the wonders to be seen whilst flying a microlight.

Microlight Flight Videos

Microlight Flight Videos

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