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July 22nd 2011-  Flight Videos Now Available- It has taken a while to get up and running but we have finally completed the approval process for a camera mount on our Blackbushe flexwing aircraft. This means we can now offer all our students, whether here for a one-off air experience flight or going through continued training, a video of their flight. A video is a great way to remind you of the amazing experience you will have had with us and for those going through full training a video can be a useful tool to use to look back and examine your flying. You will also notice the radio chatter and this can also help students familiarise themselves further on the ground with the radio lingo. DVD's are offered at £25 and can be ordered at time of booking or on the day of the flight. For a taste of some of our videos why not check out our YouTube channel.

July 22nd 2011-  New Hangar at Blackbushe- With the high demand for flexwing training at Blackbushe we have been looking at ways to improve our flexwing facilities. The first and most obvious requirement was hangar. This is now built and can hold two aircraft. We intend to keep the one available spot for the first student to purchase a new aircraft through us. Assuming continued growth and demand we will then look at potentially offering more hanagar space in the future. This is just another step in Clearprop's continued, steady growth.

March 11th 2011-  New Flex Wing Instructor at Blackbushe- Clearprop! are delighted to welcome Gary Cross onto the team. Gary is now available on a full time basis for flex wing microlight tuition at Blackbushe Airport. This will mean increased availablility on both the fixed wing and flex wing aircraft as to date Angus has been covering the teaching on both. We encourage you to book in advance with this weekend already booked up!

March 5th 2011-  New Office Assistant- With the growing popularity of both our locations, the pressures on the existing staff to teach as well as run the office are getting too much. Therefore we look forward to welcoming our recently appointed staff member to the Redlands office. Steve will be with us three mornings a week and able to take bookings etc. as well as run the office. This will leave the instructors free to focus on what they do best, teaching students to fly. Watch this space for a bit more about this person and the days you can expect to get hold of him. We have also farmed our accounts out to a new book keeper freeing up even more time for Angus, in particular, to concentrate on flying. This is a reflection of our continued growth and populartiy and it is wonderful for us to be able to slowly grow the Clearprop! team. Terry, our newest instructor, is proving to be very popular with students and this is also great news all round. In the next couple of weeks we will be welcoming Gary to Blackbushe where he will be covering the flex wing tuition on a full time basis. With the steady growth in our business we are all very excited about the coming season!

January 11th 2011-  Hirer Restrictions- Due to increasing pressure from insurers we have taken the decision to tighten up the running of our hire club a little. The aim of the initiative is to reduce incidents. Any incident, no matter how big or small, results in aircraft down time as well as an increase in insurance costs which eventually affect us all. In order to keep this to a minimum we are reducing our risks. This will mean that from now on we will not be accepting newly qualified students who have been trained at other schools. We will only accept pilots who have 50hours 'pilot in command' experience or those who have completed the majority of their training with Clearprop. This way we can be sure that our hirers will either have gained a good level of experience since qualification or they will have been trained by us. We are happy to have our own newly qualified pilots hiring as they have been through our training and we can be sure that they are trained to a high standard. The flying experience does not need to be on type however we would expect the experience to relate to either fixed or flex wing, whichever you intend to hire. We are happy for pilots who have undergone fixed/flex conversion training with us to hire immediately on completion of conversion.

January 8th 2011-  Busy Start to January- It has been a long lay-off due to weather but finally we have managed to get some flying done. New Year's day saw Blackbushe fully booked. With the other flying schools closed the airport resembled a ghost town and Angus enjoyed four hours of uninterrupted circuit training. Redlands also had an action packed start to the year on Sunday 2nd with four solo students in the circuit at one stage as well as others out and about. The club at Redlands also enjoyed a fly-out on the Sunday with around seven aircraft flying down to Colemore Common for the annual fly-in there. This Sunday was an equally busy day for Clearprop. We advise students to try and book in advance as slots are filling up quickly. We are still picking days here and there due to the weather but when it is fine we are up there flying.

December 14th 2010-  Latest Update- Apologies to those regular visitors to the news page for the lack of updates recently. Clearprop! has been moving on in leaps and bounds with rapid growth at Blackbushe which continues to have a busy diary well into the New Year. With growth comes work and this is where the updates have suffered. Angus, who is responsible for updating the web site, has also been working non stop at Blackbushe in order to keep up with demand. Clearprop! have promised themselves some office help next year when the flying season kicks back into full gear. We are also looking forward to two new instructors joining us next Year. Terry Farley, a very experienced fixed wing instructor will be joining us at Redlands where he will be teaching full time on the Ikarus C42. While at Blackbushe Gary Cross will be joining Angus and will be responsible for the bulk of the flex wing microlight training. This is great news for Blackbushe as it will double our capacity as to date Angus has been covering both aircraft types. Gary is an experienced pilot well known to the Clearprop team having been a member of the club at Redlands for several years. Gary has decided to turn his passion into a full time career and is currently putting himself through the demanding instructor training that is required in order to become a microlight flying instructor. We are certain that both these guys will be an enormous asset to Clearprop! and we can't wait to welcome them onto the team. We would also like to take this oportunity to wish all our friends and customers a very happy Christmas from the Clearprop team and wish you all lots of flying in 2011.

July 16th 2010-  New Instructor at Redlands- David and Angus are pleased to welcome Ben Goodridge onto the Clearprop! team. Ben will be teaching full time at Redlands Airfield in Swindon on the Ikarus C42. Ben's flying career started on PA28s before he moved over to microlighting and the Ikarus C42. Ben is a young, dynamic instructor with a huge enthusiasm for flying and a great sense of humour. Ben flies a specially adapted Ikarus C42 as he is paraplegic (paralysed from the waist down). The adaptation only effects the instructor's seat where he has hand controls for the rudder. Looking towards the future we very much hope to explore the possibility of adapting an aircraft for teaching disabled people to fly. We are sure that Ben is going to be a great asset to our team and a wonderful inspiration, as well as being a great instructor, for all our fixed wing students.

July 14th 2010-  Extra Ikarus C42 for Blackbushe- With the ever growing demand for the Ikarus C42 at Blackbushe we will be bringing in a second C42 within the next month. This will mean increased capacity for students and hirers. The aircraft is another top spec C42 with 100hp engine and all mod cons. With the cost savings offered by these aircraft the demand is huge as people realise what they are missing. The C42 is fun to fly with responsive controls and a superb rate of climb. These aircraft are equally at home with trips to France as they are with flights to the local grass strip.

June 1st 2010-  Ikarus C42 at Blackbushe- The Ikarus C42 is proving to be a big hit. Both ab-initio students as well as Group A pilots are joining the ever increasing number of pilots who are keen to take advantage of the relatively low costs and high performance of these modern aircraft. The climb rate and performance has come as a suprise to some of the Group A community at Blackbushe who are not used to seeing the lively performance of these light aircraft. The words '..not above 400 feet until clear of the cross-wind.." can often be heard over the radio as the controller watches the Ikarus leap into the air! Pilots used to C152's and other similar aircraft have described the Ikarus with words such as 'lively', 'responsive', 'comfortable' and 'fun'. The school has been busy with conversion training as well as ab-initio work and is looking forward to a great future.

May 28th 2010-  Recent Successes- Some of Clearprop's! recent student success stories include Viktor passing his GST to revalidate his NPPL, Julie going solo again after a long break, Alex lifting his restriction from his license, Alan completing his first solo, lots of navigation flights completed as well as alot of ground exams passed. Well done to all the students concerned on their successes over the last month or so including those, too numerous to list, who have not been mentioned.

April 22nd 2010-  First GST at Blackbushe- Congratulations to Peter Dibble on passing his GST. Peter is the first of our students to pass his GST at Blackbushe and no doubt will be the first of many. Well done Peter!

April 18th 2010-  Grass and Tarmac- A few of the Redlands students have been down to Blackbushe for training this week in order to get a feel for a very different environment. At Blackbushe they are learning to deal with the radio, transponder, tighter airspace as well as the luxury of a long wide tarmac runway. Generally they have found circuits easier however the radio and other bits have all been new to them. Of course it also feels a bit strange landing on a vast expanse of tarmac if all your training has been done on grass. We will be encouraging all of our students to have a go at both environments, even just for an hour or two, to experience the differences. This means that once qualified they will not be daunted by the thought of flying to either a private grass strip operation or an airport with an ATZ and tarmac runways.

April 14th 2010-  Blackbushe Open- It has been a busy couple of months for Clearprop with the opening of our new school at Blackbushe Airport in Surrey. However we have achieved our goal and the school opened it's doors for the first time on April 3rd. It was a slow start with poor weather meaning we could not actually get the aircraft to the airport. However the weather has now improved and we managed to complete 15 hours of training in the last week. The C42 is proving popular due to it's great performance and relatively inexpensive training costs. We have had some delays getting the flex wing aircraft to Blackbushe due to various problems including instructors and aircraft. However it looks like these have been resolved and we are hoping to have a flex wing aircraft available for trial flights at Blackbushe within the next couple of weeks. It may be a little longer before we offer full training however we anticipate that by the middle of the summer we will be offering full training on the flex wing aircraft. The grass strip has been re-cut for microlight training which will suit the flex wing, in particular when there is a cross wind. With the large open area that the aiport offers we are able to train comfortably in stronger wind conditions than at our sister airfield where trees and buildings cause turbulence. We also have the luxury of 1200m of tarmac meaning we can make faster flapless approaches in bumpy cross wind conditions which makes life easier for the pilot.

February 8th 2010-  Opening Day Announced- We will be opening our doors to the public at Blackbushe Airport, Camberley, Surrey on 3rd April 2010. In fact we have already started taking bookings. To book simply call the head office in Swindon on 01793 790183. We are offering both fixed and flex wing microlight aircraft at Blackbushe and existing vouchers can be used at either of our venues. Both our venues will offer the same services including air experience flights, full training, aircraft hire and ground school. All exams can be done in-house. New and existing hirers will benefit from having access to the aircraft based at both of our venues at no extra cost.

February 6th 2010-  Another successful Radio Course- Another five pilots have passed through our doors to obtain their radio licence this weekend. The course was held in our newly refurbished briefing room at Redlands Airfield in an intensive one day session with the theory exams done in the evening. Well done to all participants on passing your exams first time. If you would like to take part in the next radio course then please call the Swindon office to add your name to the list. We already have a few names and no doubt it won't be too long before we are running another course.

January 30th 2010-  Great Weekend- Finally the winter has given us a break and we have got some flying done. Infact with the aircraft were fully booked this weekend it has been non-stop. The weather has also been superb with great visibility allowing us to see as far as the bridges across the Severn and the Isle of Wight at the same time. With this cold air it has also been very stable giving beautifully smooth flying conditions. Let's hope there is more of the same to come.

December 10th 2009-  Second Branch- It is with great excitement that Clearprop! can announce the planned opening of our second branch. The school will be based at Blackbushe Airport in Surrey and will offer both fixed and flex wing microlights for training and hire. The plan is for the school to open in April 2010. Blackbushe is a great facility within easy reach of London and Reading. Last week saw the purchase of an Ikarus C42 with the same spec as our aircraft based at Redlands. We also have a Quantum 912. Both these aircraft will be based at Blackbushe with an anticipated increase of the fleet as time goes on. Watch this space for further announcements in the coming weeks.

December 1st 2009-  A Good Start- After a prolonged spell of miserable weather December has got off to a good start. Hugo Hall, our youngest student at the moment, aged 18, passed his GST on the Quantum with flying colours. Well done Hugo. Further to this David made his first solo cross-country flight. With both Popham and Wing Farm out of action due to waterlogging we decided to send David to Little Rissington, an airfield which he knows well. Charlie Grainger also practised unusual attitudes, steep turns and circuits with Angus in preparation for his GST. Charile let his JAR PPL lapse and is now going to convert to an NPPL (M). With the expense of maintaining his JAR PPL and the realisation that he was not looking to add additional ratings, such as the IMC rating, it makes sense for Charlie to move to the NPPL (M). The conversion has been straight forward with around four hours training to get him up to speed on the requirements for his GST.

November2009-  Wettest Ever!- This month proved to be a bit of a wash out with the wettest November since records began. Amongst the downpours and the winds we managed to find about eight flyable days. Not great but better than nothing and it was just a case of making the most of the opportunities. We also got some ground school and exams completed.

November 20th 2009-  Ground Exams Passed- Well done to David on passing his Aeroplanes General exam with 92%. That is the last of the five ground exams passed so now David can concentrate on the final bits of flying he has left to do. This includes a couple of solo navigation exercises and his pre General Skills Test lesson. With David's experience on Vigilant motor gliders and his ease of transition over to the C42 I am sure he will get through his GST without any problems within the minimum hours requirements.

October 28th 2009-  Another GST Passed- After the departure of his instructor at his first flying school, Steve Gajek decided to complete his training with Cleaprop here at Redlands Airfield in Swindon. With most of his solo hours required and his navigation elements to do Steve decided to take a couple of weeks off work and focus on his flying. The weather was kind to us and we managed to get everything done apart from his GST. Today he returned to complete this element, which he did with flying colours. Well done Steve!

October 10th 2009-  More Radio Licenses Gained- This weekend saw the third radio course of the year with another six people attending and more people talking sense over the radio. This will give those pilots more confidence in zone transits and general communications as well as making them legal of course. The next course will be run in the New Year and there are currently three places remaining.

October 6th 2009-  Runway Improvements- Redlands Airfield has just got better. The already existing cross wind runway has been re-laid. Previously it suffered from a bumpy surface making it impossible to land the faster microlights on. It has now been re-levelled and once the grass grows back will mean that we will have a sensible option for the increasing number of days that we see those Southerly winds. We are very grateful to the farmer who has ensured a great job has been done.

October 4th 2009-  Alex Passes his GST- Another student passes through the school with a GST pass today. Alex Hutchings, who was the proud owner of a half pint for a while, has now traded in his old aircraft for a Pegasus Q. These machines prove to be great for the newly qualified flex pilots and Alex is looking forward to venturing away from the airfield with his wife in the back. He just has to wait for the arrival of his new license from the cAA. Well done Alex!

September 17th 2009-  Vince Passes His GST- Vince decided to focus on his flying for a couple of weeks with a view to getting his GST done. This he has achieved without too much difficulty and is now taking advantage of the fixed wing hire on offer here at Clearprop Microlight School. His long term wish is to purchase his own aircraft but in the meantime the hire scheme allows him to build up his experience without all the concerns of aircraft ownership and also being close to the school he can always pop in for advice or a chat. Good work Vince and thanks for the bottle of bubbly!

September 12th 2009-  First Solo- Ian has been back again after his previous intensive week. With a new job in Bristol it is a little more tricky to get the time off. However he has now taken the leap and gone solo in the C42. Great progress and I'm sure it won't be too long before we are off on the navigation exercises. Well done Ian.

September 5th 2009-  Flex to Fixed Conversion- Mal and Les have taken the plunge and purchased A Shadow. Mal, who has been converting from flex wing flying on the C42 is now continuing his conversion in the Shadow. Angus has been coaching from the back seat. Fortunately Angus is not too big as the space is limited. After a few sessions with Angus in the back Mal has gone solo and is now building his experience in good weather conditions.

August 27th 2009-  Tristar Captain Passes GST- We have students of all ages and from all walks of life. Today however was Rob Soar's day as he breezed through his GST after some conversion training with Angus on the C42. Rob started his flying career on light aircraft before undergoing training on fast jets in the RAF and then moving over to the heavies where he is now a Captain on the Tristar aicraft based at Brize Norton. After seven years away from light aircraft flying Rob came to us with a need to get back to grass-roots flying. With just four hours training Rob has achieved this and, as soon as he returns from his Atlantic crossing as part of the forces Transglobe competition, Rob will be joining the Hire Scheme and enjoying some 'real' flying with the C42.

August 18th 2009-  First Solo XC- Well done to Rod on completing his first solo navigation exercise to Popham today. Rod is the proud owner of a Pegasus Q which has often proven to be a great first aircraft for our students. Costing between £2,500 and £3,500 they prove great value for money and offer respectable performance.

August 18th 2009-  GST Passed- Well done to Jeff Barker on a good day's work which included completing his solo hours requirements and passing his GST with flying colours. With his unrestricted NPPL(M), Jeff is another student who will be enjoying the benefits of the Clearprop Hire Scheme once his new license comes through. Jeff will also be joining the next radio course which will allow him to set off on trips in the C42 with greater confidence.

August 13th 2009-  Another Great Day- All we need is a decent day and all the toys come out of the cupboard. Just this evening the school has had David and Nick training on the Quantum, John and Andy doing circuits in the TST Thruster, Rod flying solo in his Pegasus Q and Mal furthering his solo experience in the school's Ikarus C42. Beyond the school's activity several club members were also flying today including David returning from France in his Jab and Russ setting up his new compass. Let's just hope we get some more fair weather days which allow us all to fly as much as possible.

August 11th 2009-  GST in Minimum Hours- Pete Morgan has passed his GST with just a few minutes over the minimum hours requirement. Pete has purchased a Jabiru and is looking forward to his first flights with family and friends. Well done Pete!

August 8th 2009-  First Solo- Congratulations to Malcolm Brandon on achieving his first solo. Mal has been training on the school's Ikarus C42. He is now looking forward to furthering his solo experience before commencing the navigation elements of his training. Well done Mal!

August 5th 2009-  Intensive Training- Despite a couple of days writen off by the weather Ian managed to complete twelve hours training and two ground exams. This is a great start towards his licence and we are looking forward to the next session. We completed three hours flying on most days. This would be the maximum amount of flying that we would recommend in any one day as any more and the student becomes overloaded.

August 2nd 2009-  New Aircraft- The fleet is expanding as Clearprop has invested in a second Quantum 912 flex wing microlight. This will increase our capacity which is much needed on the ever busier flex wing side of the school.

August 2nd 2009-  Well Done Brian- Congratulations to Brian McKay who passed his GST on the school's Quantum with flying colours.

July 15th 2009-  New Instructor- Clearprop are delighted to welcome John Amos on board. John is rated as a Conversion and Re-rate Instructor. His first task has been to convert one of the club members onto his taildragger Thruster. John is a Captain for BA which keeps him busy when he is not on the airfield.

July 10th 2009-  Return to Microlighting- Roger Cornwell has passed his GST to regain his microlight rating after some time flying Group A aircraft. He is now looking forward to purchasing a flex wing microlight to give him some of the excitement that he misses in the Group A world.

June 23rd 2009-  GST Passes- Well done to Graham Church on passing his GST first time. Graham is looking to complete differences training onto the C42 so he can take advantage of the hire schemes we now run on both fixed and flex wing aircraft.

June 8th 2009-  Second Radio Course- This weekend saw a futher five pilots taking part in a radio telephony course. All five passed the theory exam on Saturday evening and now just have to complete the practical element. This will be done over the next couple of weekends. New rules introduced by the CAA mean that only three practical exams can be done in any one day so these will now be done in two groups.

June 1st 2009-  Great Start to June - Congratulations to Ray Tarling who has got the month off to a great start for Cleaprop by passing his GST and ground oral exam. Ray just needs to do his Meteorology exam in the next week or so before applying for his licence. Once he has his licence Ray is going to take advantage of the great value that the Hire Club offers. The Hire Club is a great idea for new pilots as it gives them a chance to gain experience without the worry of aircraft ownership.

May 31st 2009-  Cherbourg Flight - The weather was kind to us once again allowing Angus and John, one of the Hire Club members, to make a training flight to France. John came in bright and early in the morning to be involved in the entire process of planing a flight abroad. The flight was very pleasant and we made the round trip in a total of four hours flying time. You can visit our Advanced Navigation page to find out more about what we offer. There also some pictures of our recent trips to France in our photogallery.

May 28th 2009-  GST Success - Well done to Winston on successfully passing his GST and ground oral today in the Ikarus C42. Winston is thinking of purchasing a Jabiru aircraft. In fact an aircraft he knows well and one which has a great maintenance record. We look forward to Winston dropping into Redlands to visit us.

April 20th 2009-  Trip To France - Dave and Angus finally managed to get a break in the weather on a day when the plane had been booked out for a trip to France. With flight plans filed online and customs clearance sorted via email it was time to go. The total flight time was 2 hours to Cherbourg with a 1 hour 45 minute return trip. It was a fantastic experience and one which we are looking forward to doing with our students. You can read more about the trip here. If you would like to make such a trip yourself or would simply like some more navigation training then you will find more details on our navigation page.

March 21st 2009-  Another Busy Day - Yet another busy day at Clearprop with lots of achievements including two navigation exams and a meteorology exam passed as well as a bunch of trial flights on both fixed and flex wing aircraft plus lots of training. The visibility was not very good but the sun was shining and everyone had a very enjoyable day. Looking forward to lots more of the same in the coming days including two trips to France in the next few weeks.

March 15th 2009-  Restriction Lifted - Well done to Tim Wilcox on completing his navigation exercises to get his restriction lifted from his licence. Just a shame he had allowed his currency to lapse in the meantime. With a new job as well as a relocation flying had taken a back seat. However with a revision session Tim showed he still remembered all he had learnt. He has now successfully passed his GST, for a second time, and is looking forward to enjoying the benefits of his unrestricted NPPL(M).

March 10th 2009-  New 'Advanced Navigation' Course - With today's modern aircraft we are starting to venture further afield. Navigation is the key to these adventures and is often an area in which pilots lack confidence. With carefully designed tasks we cover subjects such as zone transits, landing at new airfields and even trips to France. Each task includes a thorough briefing with your own instructor before the flight. This is a great way to safely gain experience and confidence, unlocking a wide world of adventures for those who wish to push the boundaries. To find out more about what we have to offer visit our Advanced Navigation page.

March 8th 2009-  New 'Learn To Land' Course - The Clearprop team have carefully designed a new course aimed at people who fly regularly as passengers. The new 'Learn To Land' safety pilot course aims to teach a complete beginner the basic flight controls and radio procedures as well as how to land the aircraft in the event of your pilot becoming incapacitated. Would you know what to do? This training could prove to be life-saving! We train on both fixed and flex wing aircraft and the course includes five hours flying plus briefings and a log book. The cost is £495 for training on the school's aircraft.

March 6th 2009-  Spring is here - Finally we have been getting the breaks in the weather and it has been non-stop flying here at Clearprop. With many cross country flights done in the last few weeks by our students amongst many hours of other flying training as well as six ground school exams passed in just the last few weeks. As soon as we get a moment we will post some of the recent achievements made by our students. However, as long as the weather continues to allow us, we will keep training from early morning 'til dusk.

March 5th 2009-  GST Success - Congratulations to Martyn Tobin who has not only passed his GST today, aged just seventeen, but has also achieved his rectricted licence in close to minimum hours! Being a student at Swindon college, Martyn relied on a part time job in Woolworths to fund his training. Unfortunately he lost his job with the rest of the Woolworths staff just before Christmas. With support from the school and his remaining savings he has manged to achieve his restricted licence with a view to getting the navigation done when he finds a new job to fit in with his study. We are sure it won't be long before somebody recognises his hard work and he gets that job he needs.

February 18th 2009-  Recession Busting Aviation - Another two Group A pilots have joined the ranks here at Clearprop after realising the recession busting benefits of microlight aircraft. With fantastic economy, great performance and a simple conversion the latest fixed wing microlights are proving a hit for those pilots who are looking to enjoy their flying without worrying about the avgas guzzling costs often involved in the Group A world. The conversion is easy too. Assuming you are current then it will just be a bit of familiarisation with the new aircraft and then a ground oral and GST. Oh..and of course it can work both ways too. For those going for the NPPL you can obtain your NPPL(M) and then do a minimum five hour conversion. We have a partner who we work with and the total cost will be around £1,000. This would normally be done over a one week intensive course. Added insentives include recent changes to legislation meaning that you can now hire microlights for dual or solo use and we offer a state of the art aircraft for as little as £45 per hour wet for hire club members and a flat £80 for non-hire club members. And last but not least, we are a friendly bunch and have a great deal of fun! Come and join us.

February 4th 2009-  Fantastic Snowy Views - After sweeping the snow from the tracks the school's C42 was rolled out of the hangar for what was to be a fantastic day of flying with views of snowy Wiltshire below and silky smooth air making perfect conditions for training. We welcomed a new hirer to Clearprop today as well as a new student enjoying his first flights in the C42. We can only hope for more of these great flying conditions. Check out a few pictures of snowy Wiltshire in our microlight photo gallery.

January 18th 2009-  Radio Course Success - Another great result this weekend with all six people attending the radio course successfully passing both the practical and written exams and becoming licensed radio operators. Well done everybody. If you would like to attain your radio license then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We currently have two spaces left for the next course which we hope to run in February. The courses are run at weekends and will take both days.

January 14th 2009-  Facebook - Well we couldn't hide from it forever. Embracing the latest online social network Clearprop has now launched it's own fan page. Yes you could join the fans and keep in touch with us here at Clearprop. We welcome any photos and posts on the page and any good photos will also be posted on our web site. You can follow this link to our Facebook Page. If you enjoy the Cleaprop page you could also check out the Redlands Microlight Club page. Come and join in the fun!

January 13th 2009-  Fancy a Pint - Well Alex did so he he went and bought one. Well a Half Pint to be precise. This little seen flexwing microlight falls into the Single Seat De-Regulated category. The aircraft had not been flown for a few years and could not be started on the day of purchase as the starter cord was broken. Alex however trusted his instincts, or was it luck, and bought the aircraft. It was an exciting day yesterday to see the JPX two stroke fire into life after just a few pulls giving Alex the chance to do a bit of taxiing practice. The first flight will be next. We are just waiting for some good weather. Grass roots flying at it's best!

January 7th 2009-  Frosty Solo - Despite the cold Tim Frost, no pun intended, has successfully gone solo. Well done Tim. All we need now is some good weather to get the solo hours built up and Tim will reach his goal of becoming a qualified pilot.

January 5th 2009-  Sir David Sollom- OK...He hasn't just got a knighthood but he has achieved an examiner rating. This is great news for Clearprop as it means we can now do both ground exams and GST's, on fixed and flex wing aircraft, in-house. Although we have been doing ground exams for some time we have previously relied on an external examiner for General Skills Tests.

December 7th 2008-  Fantastic Conditions- Wow, this is what it is all about. Taking off on a frosty morning and climbing high to look for miles around over towns and countryside draped in the mist, whilst also enjoying air as smooth as silk. The winter offers some of the best flying conditions, fantastic! For those of us lucky enough to fly on days like this I am sure we will all have some wonderful images in our minds to think about for some time to come!

December 6th 2008-  Solo Flight- Congratulations to Jeff Barker on his first solo in the school's Ikarus C42. Hopefully with some more good winter flying conditions it won't be too long before Jeff can complete his training and obtain his NPPL.

October 2008-  GST Success- With just a few months dedication John has passed his GST. Well done John... With his new C42 on order it won't be long before John is off exploring the wonders and freedoms of flying one of today's modern, go places, microlight aircraft.

October 2008-  17yrs Old and Solo- Congratulations to Martin on his first solo. Martin, aged just seventeen, pays for his lessons by part time work in Woolworths in between his college studies. He has great flying ability and has previously enjoyed flying gliders before coming to us to begin his powered flying.

July 6th 2008-  Fixed Wing Hire- We are pleased to be able to extend our hiring to the fantastic Ikarus C42. Leading the way in the world of microlighting and taking advantage of recently changed rules we are now making top spec aircraft available to everybody. No need to buy an expensive share. Just turn up and fly. The rates are also fantastic from just £45 per hour wet. Why should you pay for an expensive share?...Answer...You don't have to now! More details can be found on our aircraft hire page or just give us a call.

June 15th 2008-  Spamfield- A great trip was had by a bunch of us this weekend as we jumped in our various aircraft and headed for the Isle of Wight and the annual bash at Sandown. Hundreds of microlights flew in as well as some autogyros and various other aircraft. It sharpens the concentration when you are flying in a busy circuit and at times it resembled Heathrow with a line of aircraft coming in on finals. The weather was great which was a bonus as we were sleeping in tents. With the airfield right on the edge of town a trip for an Indian was on the cards for the evening and then a stroll to the local supermarket in the morning for a cooked breakfast. We all had an excellent time and are looking forward to the next group trip.

June 12th 2008-  Another GST Done- Congratulations to Peter Webb who has just sailed through his GST as well as two ground school exams all in one day. Great effort! Pete has gone for his restricted licence and is now patiently waiting for his new licence to land on his doorstep. He will then be free to fly his Flash 2 Alpha flex wing which is sat here in the hangar. Peter plans to get some flying under his belt and go for his unrestricted licence in the not too distant future. Well done Pete!

April 14th 2008-  Flying Farmer- A bit of focus and another student sails through his GST. Congratulations to John, on passing his GST with flying colours. He was highly commended by the examiner for an outstanding flight despite the pressures that a test can bring. We will miss John here at Clearprop. He has become a good friend of ours and we have all enjoyed his company when he has been here for lessons. John plans to base his aircraft near to where he lives but has promised to fly in to us now and then. We look forward to seeing you John. Just as Vinny did last month John decided to get the test done and with a few weeks focus that is exactly what he has achieved. Well done John!

April 9th 2008-  Glider Pilot Goes Solo- After successfully qualifying to bronze level as a glider pilot Martin decided to have a go at microlighting. Thirteen hours later and he has made his first solo flight in our Ikarus C42 microlight. Congratulations to Martin from the Clearprop team. Now, with the summer weather on the way he just needs to consolidate his solo flying and get his GST under his belt. Interestingly just an hour before Martin flew solo he was expressing some annoyance with himself for not quite putting everything together at the same time. This is often experienced by students and as we told him before he flew today, 'one day soon it will all fall into place'. Well that's just what it did today! Well done Martin.

March 6th 2008-  Dual Flex Wing Hire- Well, we said, 'watch this space'. After many months in the sidelines Geoff Weighell and his team have managed to gain CAA approval for the dual hire of microlights. This means you can now hire our flex wing and take a passenger. This is great news for those who don't want the responsibility or costs of running their own machine. If you would like to make use of our Quantum 912 then give us a call and book your slot. More details are available on our flex wing hire page. This is a great example of why we should support our association. Congratulations to the BMAA team!

March 5th 2008-  Congratulations Vinny!- Well done to Vinny on passing his GST today! Who said you can't fly in the winter? It was just a month ago when Vinny decided to 'get the job done' and has managed to do just that. The weather has been very kind to us in recent weeks with plenty of flying being done. With a share in the C42 it won't be long before Vinny starts on his adventures away from the safety of Redlands and the true wonders of flying a modern aircraft will be realised.

February 29th 2008-  Flex Wing Hire- Would you like to be able to hire a flexwing microlight? Well now you can. We are offering a Pegasus Quantum 912 microlight for solo or dual hire on a flat hourly rate of just £60 per hour wet. That means no hidden costs, no maintenance, insurance, fuel or any other expense. Just turn up and fly. The aircraft can even be taken away overnight on agreement with Clearprop! You can find out more by visiting the hire page or just give us a bell.

February 20th 2008-  Wonderful February - Here at Clearprop! we are great believers in making the most of the British winter. February has offered us a couple of weeks of great flying weather. Our team and many of the other folk here in Swindon have being venturing out and experiencing air as smooth as silk. Flights have been made to places like the Isle of Wight, Wales and further afield. The are some superb photographs in our gallery giving a glimpse of some of the trips that have been made. On rainy days it is always good to remind ourselves of the better days when we have been out having fun.

January 15th 2008-  Shares in Ikarus C42 - Clearprop! are now able to offer shares in an Ikarus C42 aircraft. The aircraft is top spec and the terms of the share scheme are very competitive. This is a great way to have a chance to fly a modern, great performance, go places aircraft at an affordable rate. Also don't forget that the aircraft is located just five minutes from Junction 15 of the M4.

December 16th 2007-  Another Student Goes Solo! - It might be the middle of winter but there are still plenty of opportunities to take to the skies and whenever these opportunities arise Clearprop and our students are poised to fly. Congratulations to Paul Smith on achieving his first solo flight in the C42 at the weekend. Well done Paul!!

December 9th 2007-  E-Vouchers Launched - Need to get a voucher fast. We have the answer with the launch of our new E-Voucher system. Instead of mailing a voucher out to you we email it to you and you can then print it out at home. No more worries about postal delays! Of course we are still happy to post vouchers out, at no extra cost, to those who would rather not have to print their own but please be sure to purchase your voucher in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

November 2007-  Further Successes - Congratulations to Amanda Mackinnon and Richard Hacket who have both flown solo this month adding to the growing number of Clearprop! students who have gone solo. This is a good result especially after such a wet summer. Flying continues during the winter and no doubt there will be others going solo for the first time soon.

October 2007-  More Students Go Solo - After a patchy summer of flying due to the wet weather several of our students are now reaching the heady heights of solo pilots. Congratulations go to Hugo Hall, our youngest student at just 16yrs, Vinnie Warner and Peter Webb who have all flown solo for the first time this month.

September 12th 2007-  First Student Goes Solo - Back in January Dave and the team were busy building the school when Tim Rich's partner turned up to buy him a gift voucher for his first flight in a microlight. After working out how to switch on the new computer and which end of the card machine to put the card in we managed to provide her with a voucher! Shortly afterwards Tim flew for the first time and never looked back. During the summer he continued his lessons and today became the first Clearprop! student to fly solo. Congratulations Tim!

September 6th 2007-  New Aeoroplane Finally Arrives! - At last we finally have our own Ikarus C42, G-CETR, in our hangar. The aircraft is proving very popular with both students and others all wanting a go in this amazing machine. Fitted with the 100hp Rotax 912s engine the aircraft heads to the heavens at a rate of knots. Dudley described it as, 'one of the few light aircraft I have flown that actually pushes you back in your seat on take-off'. It is definetly fantastic fun to fly. It has already had tweny hours put on the clock in just a few days!!

September 5th 2007-  Art Gallery Goes Live - Clearprop! is able to offer unique paintings, with a microlight flying theme, created by respected local artist, Sarah Sollom, wife of our Chief Flying Instructor, David Sollom. Our online gallery has a selection of paintings which can be bought through the school. If you don't see a painting you like then you can always commission your own. A framing service is also available and we are happy to post paintings to anywhere within the UK.

August 20th 2007-  New Ikarus Arrives - It's been a long time waiting but finally we have a new Ikarus C42 fixed wing aircraft on the airfield. Well, it's not ours but one we have been loaned by Aerosport due to bureaucratic delays at their end. Hopefully we will have our own aircraft on the airfield soon. In the meantime we are able to once again get back in to fixed wing training with the loan aircraft.

August 1st 2007-  New aircraft on order - It is with great excitement that Clearprop! can announce the ordering of a brand new Ikarus C42 aircraft. Delivery is expected around the middle of August . Watch this space for more info coming soon.

June-July 2007-  Record rainfall dampens airfileds across UK - No sooner had we announced our official opening and the heavens did the same. The rain just kept on coming until eventually it broke through, flooding the new office. Thankfully however there seems to be some sun on the horizon and we can finally get back in to the swing of lessons. The airfield has remained useable throughout the appauling weather due to the fantastic drainage. This has been a big help for us as we have been able to make use of every small window of weather that we have had.

May 15th 2007-  Clearprop! opens its doors to the public - After a few hectic weeks Clearprop! Microlight School is finally up and running. We are proud to welcome students new and old to our new set-up including a completely transformed school room complete with small shop, office and a dedictaed briefing room. To find out more about what we offer please have a browse around our web site. We also look forward to welcoming you so please feel free to drop in any time.

Latest Photographs

The pictures in our galleries come from our students and club members and offer a small glimpse of the wonders to be seen whilst flying a microlight.

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Microlight Flight Videos

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