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'Learn To Land' - Safety Pilot Course

Regularly fly as a passenger? Could you cope if the pilot was incapacitated? This course has been carefully designed for partners and friends who often fly as passengers. In the event that your pilot was unable to fly and land the aircraft your role could potentially be a life-saving one. We are not training you to become a proficient pilot but we would expect you to be able to get the aircraft back on the ground safely in the event of an emergency. There are no exams or formal qualifications involved in this course. Of course, should you 'get the bug', any training done would count towards your licence requirements.


Aircraft Instruments and Controls

The Costs

The basic five hour course costs £620 using the school aircraft to include five hours flying plus briefings and a log book to record your training. Any further training required will be charged at £125 per hour. We are more than happy to train on your own aircraft but you must be one of the registered owner's of the aircraft on which we are training. The course on your own aircraft will cost £350. Any further training on your own aircraft will be charged at £70 per hour.

The Aircraft

Fixed wing - We use a modern Ikarus C42 fixed wing microlight which has standard instrumentation as found in most microlight aircraft.

Flex Wing - For the flex wing training we use a Pegasus Quantum 912. The workhorse of the flex wing training world with standard controls and performance.

The course consists of five hours flying plus briefings and covers
the following:

Cockpit Familiarisation - Understanding what the instruments are telling you and how they can help you land safely.

Radio - Operating the radio in an emergency including radio calls to establish your location.

Flight controls - Learning the basic effects of the various controls and getting used to their operation.

Basic flight manoeuvres - Straight and level flight as well as turning, climbing and descending.

Making a landing - How to land safely at an airfield as well as away from an airfield.

Basic Navigation - Establishing your location and navigating to a safe place to land.

On completion of the course we would expect you to be able to find somewhere safe to land and make a safe landing.

Latest Photographs

The pictures in our galleries come from our students and club members and offer a small glimpse of the wonders to be seen whilst flying a microlight.

Microlight Flight Videos

Microlight Flight Videos

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